Men’s Ministry

Acts 1:8 And you will be My witnesses, telling people about Me the ends of the earth.

Men of Integrity

Building an army of men to serve, to grow, and to lead

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

With the importance of Godly men standing upon the Word of God, we strive to build an army of men to grow, serve, and lead.  From learning at a weekly Bible study, or pulling tractor at the Harvest Festival, to leading a homeless person to the Lord at an outreach, we know that God has His plan to use men to sharpen others.

In addition, the Men’s Ministry pulls together as a team to complete projects in the church.  Utilizing the skills and experiences of the church members.

Working, Serving, and Rejoicing together activities:

  • Weekly Wednesday 7 PM – Men’s Bible Studies Conference Room

  • Monthly Fellowship – 8 AM – Library (All Men Invited)

    • Jan 13th                                                           July 14th

    • Feb. 17th                                                         Aug 18th

    • Mar 9th                                                            Sept 8th – 6:30 AM Antelope Outreach

    • April 21st                                                         Oct 6th

    • May 12th

    • June 30th

  • Men’s Breakfasts (Community Center – Modular):

    • June 16th – 9 AM (Men & Women)


  • Church/School Work Day:

    • Saturday, March 24th 8 AM

    • Saturday, September 15th – 8 AM 

  •  Serving:

    • Agape Banquet prep – Saturday, February 17th 9:30 AM

    • Agape Banquet – Sunday, February 17th 4:30 PM (set up/clean up)

    • Easter Breakfast prep – Saturday March 31st 10 AM

    • Easter Breakfast (set up/clean up) – Sunday, April 1st

    • Freedom Sunday prep – June 30th 9 AM

    • Freedom Sunday (set up/clean up) – Sunday, July 1st

    • Harvest Banquet prep – Saturday, October 6th 9:30 AM

    • Harvest Banquet (set up/clean up), Sunday, October 7th

    • Harvest Festival Saturday, October 13th 7 AM – 4 PM

    • Christmas Reception, Saturday, December 8th (set up)

    • Christmas Reception, Sunday, December 9th (clean up)

 Church Landscaping:

Weekly (Saturday) mowing the lawns, trimming trees, etc. Need more men to help, Please contact Dennis Anderson or Paul Gomez to volunteer.


If you are interested in joining the Men’s Ministry, please complete the form below and begin your message with “Men’s Ministry” when you submit the form or contact the Church Office.