Kingdom Kids Services

Kingdom Kids Ministry welcomes all children and families into the children’s ministry.

Our mission for the children is to experience the power of God’s strength and miraculous hand  in their life.  God is there to comfort, heal, and strengthen his people.  We live in a difficult world, where there are many trials, bullying, and negative influences in our society.  When we have trouble and problems in this world, we can overcome with God’s strength, if we put our full trust in God.  He give us full confidence and peace when we put our trust in Christ.  I believe teaching these fundamentals to our generation will make an impact.

We use David C Cook and Hands on Bible curriculum for Preschool through Elementary  (1st – 3rd grade). Fuel is taught in Upper Elementary (4th – 6th grade).  All of the curriculum is based on educating our children in the gospel.

The Kingdom Kids Children’s Services times are:


We have two Sunday Services for the children. The children all unite in the Worship room, where they gather for prayer, offering, share praise reports, dance and worship. Afterword they are separated into their classes.

GRADES:        Preschool – 6th grade

TIME:               9 AM and 10:45 AM

WHERE:          Preschool Building


◊ Pebbles – Preschool

◊ Nuggets – K – 3rd grade

◊ Boulders – 4th – 6th grade


GRADES:       Preschool – 6th grade

TIME:              7 PM

WHERE:         Preschool Building