Bible Studies

Acts 1:8 And you will be My witnesses, telling people about Me the ends of the earth.

Weekly Bible Studies


9:00 AM 

  • Youth Bible Study (Junior/Senior): Conference Room (Academy Building)

9:30 AM

  • Adults: Learning about the Bible – Library (Academy Building) 

  • Adults: Living the Spirit Formed Life – Cornerstone Room (Academy Building) 

  • Youth Bible Study (Junior/Senior): Conference Room (Academy Building)

(Please note: Kingdom Kids (Preschool to 6th Grade) in the Preschool Building.)

10:45 AM

  • Adults: Words of Life – Chapel (Academy Building)

  • Adults: Focus on the Bible – Library (Academy Building)

(Please note:  Nursery in the Academy Building and Kingdom Kids (Preschool to 6th Grade) in the Preschool Building)


  • 7:00 PM:       Discerning the Voice of God: Conference Room (Academy Building)


  • 7:00 PM:       Today’s Bereans: Chapel (Academy Building)

  • 7:00 PM:       Adult Study:  Sanctuary

  •  7:00 PM:      Women’s Study: Conference Room (Academy Building)

  • 7:00 PM:       Youth – ACC Community Center

(Please note: Kingdom Kids (Preschool to 6th Grade) in the Preschool Building;  Junior/Senior High in the Community Center)


  • 10:00 AM:    Senior’s Study:  Conference Room (Academy Building)


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