Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision:           Becoming more like Jesus.

Every one of us has a personality.  And what is most important in the local church ministry is to understand that the church has a personality.  Antelope Christian Center personality is based upon our mission and vision.  Our mission is to see people seeking God become more like Jesus.  Our energies and efforts compel us establish each program upon the fundamental foundation of this question: Are people becoming more like Jesus?

Antelope Christian Center is a church filled with people of all ages.  We come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.  We don’t all fit the same mold; instead, we celebrate the unique way that God has created each one of us.

Jesus loved the lost.  And our vision is to reach the lost through OUTREACH.

Antelope Christian Center has earned a reputation in recent years for its creative outreaches to the community. We’ve hidden Easter eggs on our church grounds, we’ve planted white crosses to remember victims of the Sept. 11th attacks, and we’ve consistently provided food to needy people in our community.

Jesus sought the will of the Father through devotional prayer time.  Our vision includes the WORD and WORSHIP.

Our church is built on the premise that a local congregation should be focused around three central principles: the Word, Outreach, and Worship. The Word is the Bible a book of life-changing truths that are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Outreach is our way of expressing God’s love in practical, tangible events and ministries. Worship is our expression of love for God, most often done through times of singing in our regular services.

Jesus taught to go and make disciples.  Our vision is to grow programs that are building disciples.

Each week, our various ministries and programs provide opportunities for you to meet other people and develop strong, God-centered friendships. These ministries and programs are geared toward all age groups, and include people from a wide range of backgrounds and traditions.


Our Mission:          Growing, Serving and Celebrating.